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Sep 24

Textiles scientist working with Davey Textiles to develop a faster, easier way to detect damage

By Barb Wilkinson · September 24, 2021

*Originally published August 9, 2021 in the University of Alberta Folio


Firefighters risk their lives battling blazes, but the aging of their suits also poses a hazard that a University of Alberta researcher, partnering with industry, is working to eliminate.

An end-of-life sensor that detects gradual breakdown in garments from exposure to heat, moisture and ultraviolet (UV) light has been developed by clothing and textiles scientist Patricia Dolez, in partnership with Edmonton-based company Davey…

Sep 24

Creating new market opportunities through the challenges of the pandemic

By Barb Wilkinson · September 24, 2021

A new online training program created to solve an immediate problem during the pandemic ended up solving a longer term business goal for Davey Textile Solutions and helped increased sales in new markets.

Gail Burak, an account manager for the manufacturer of high-quality safety trim for workwear, couldn’t travel to see her customers during the COVID-19 outbreak and was feeling isolated working from home. She needed a way to stay connected.


Sep 24

‘The right stuff’ Digital transformation at Davey Textile Solutions

By Barb Wilkinson · September 24, 2021

Digital transformation at Davey makes the entire team more efficient, more effective, more productive

When a thread breaks on a loom, a tweet over Twitter is sent to alert staff in the weaving room. 

It’s an innovative first step in the digital transformation of Edmonton-based Davey Textile Solutions in its efforts to increase productivity and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“It’s data collection now,” says Dan King, vice-president of operations at…

Oct 26
Carbon Black Retroreflective silver trim

Carbon black changes the game on the run and on the runway

By Barb Wilkinson · October 26, 2018

The majority of runners like to get their exercise in the evenings during the week, which is in the dark for much of the year here. On weekends, its early morning.

That can be dangerous for joggers, and for cyclists on the road for fun or for the daily commute.

Or for those of us who are just out for a leisurely stroll with the dog.

But there’s a new technology out in the market that is…

Oct 15
Hyun-Joong Chung standing in front of a mountain landscape

Is your clothing smart enough?

By Barb Wilkinson · October 15, 2018

U of A researcher developing e-textiles to transform medical and safety fields
Imagine a wound dressing that changes colour to let you know if your cut is infected. Imagine a T-shirt that tells athletes they’re dehydrated or one that monitors blood sugar levels for diabetes patients.

Imagine a coverall that would alert workers to contamination levels and danger levels in real-time.

“There is a lot of research around e-textiles,” says Hyun-Joong Chung, an assistant professor in the…

Sep 19
Veronica Krylova standing in front of numerous boxes of fluorescent yellow trim

Get Lean: Doing more with less

By Barb Wilkinson · September 19, 2018

It all starts with the customer.

“Providing value for our customers is a huge thing,” says Veronica Krylova, operations supervisor at Davey Textile Solutions (DTS), a manufacturer of safety trim for workwear. “Maximizing customer value while minimizing waste is what Lean theory is all about.”

Krylova is a certified black belt in Lean Six Sigma and works hard each day to bring that systematic approach to improving manufacturing processes at DTS.

Lean theory was first developed by…

Aug 21
Biomotion being viewed

It’s all in the feet – A Q&A on how our brains recognize motion and what to do with that visual information

By Barb Wilkinson · August 21, 2018

Gender. Age. Weight. Emotion. Personality.

All of these factors affect how we move.

Dr. Nikolaus Troje has spent large parts of his career studying biological motion and how little visual information we actually need to recognize activity.

“Biological motion is fascinating,” says Troje, a professor in the Department of Biology and the Centre for Vision Research at York University.

“There’s an ease by which the visual human system fills in information and recognizes whether they’re male or…

Aug 15

Fire isn’t the only cause of serious burn injuries. Are you protected?

By Barb Wilkinson · August 15, 2018

Hydro Carbon Flash Fire – Sudden burst of intense heat. 550 degrees to 1,050 degrees Celsius 

Flash fire typically last 3 seconds or less

Garments worn in the oil and gas industry are tailored towards flame resistance.

Flash fires are characterized by high temperature, short duration, and a rapidly moving flame front.

Due to the short duration (typically 3 seconds), exposure to heat levels sufficient to ignite flammable clothing or cause burns to exposed skin is very brief.


Aug 14
Davey Seminar

Davey Seminar 2018

By Barb Wilkinson · August 14, 2018

This Seminar is the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to educate and entertain their customers.  While the primary focus is for end users in the Oil and Gas sectors, any industry with a focus on protective clothing will find this session very informative and provide good ideas that can be implemented very quickly. 

To register for the Seminar, please visit the Davey Seminar Website.


Jul 16
FR Orange Trim

Orange is the new yellow

By Barb Wilkinson · July 16, 2018

It’s a new way of looking at colour and safety.

“Sometimes the colour you have on makes a big difference,” says Dionne Murray Lemer, senior product manager for National Safety Apparel, a U.S. manufacturer of industrial safety workwear.

“It isn’t just how bright the colour, it’s also driver or operator recognition so they can divert their course.”

Generally, yellow has been the first choice for the vast majority of high-visibility safety apparel. Yellow appears to be the…

Jul 3
Davey Textile Solutions Consulting process

Consultants help you do your job better

By Barb Wilkinson · July 3, 2018

Do you have a design problem? Technical issue? Training requirements?

Bringing in a trusted consultant is often the best and quickest way to solve challenges in today’s complex workplace.

When IFR Workwear wanted to review all their protective clothing to make sure it met Canadian and U.S. safety standards they turned to Davey Textile Solutions (DTS).

“It’s important to make the whole machine turn efficiently,” says Erin Buckland, vice-president and co-founder of IFR, an aboriginal-owned company based…

Jun 18
DTS ‘pioneers’ in creating high-visibility trim

DTS ‘pioneers’ in creating high-visibility trim

By Barb Wilkinson · June 18, 2018

Furry mascot costumes.

Islet transplants for diabetes treatment.

Yellow cloth with a silver reflective stripe down the middle.

What do these items have in common?

All were invented in Edmonton.

“We were pioneers,” says Grant Davey, president of Davey Textile Solutions (DTS), the manufacturer of the familiar high-visibility trim that you find on all types of workwear, including flame-resistant (FR) garments worn in the utilities, mining, and oil and gas sectors.  

“You now see it in China, Mexico, Brazil….

Jun 5
Davey Textile

3 key tips to grow your business through exporting

By Barb Wilkinson · June 5, 2018

Looking for a way to expand your business? Exports are a powerful driver for the Canadian economy — we exported $502 billion in 2017. They are also a strong tool for multiplying a company’s profits. “It’s helped us grow,” says Dan King, vice-president production R&D at Davey Textile Solutions, Inc (DTS), located in Edmonton, Alberta. “Exports are at least one-third of Davey’s business now.”

DTS specializes in the production of reflective trim for workwear. Through their…

Apr 27

Emotion and teamwork lead to new steam/hot liquid safety standards

By Barb Wilkinson · April 27, 2018

Dave Fennell embarked on a decade-plus long journey to help protect workers from steam and hot fluid injuries after one of his employees, Ron, who sustained injuries in a steam-related accident, asked “why did this happen to me?”. “Ron did exactly what I said about wearing protective clothing.” But while changing a filter on a hot water system in 2005, the valve gave way, and Ron was sprayed with condensed steam. He was hospitalized…