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Oct 1
Kelly Drennan i

Kelly Drennan fights to reduce textile waste in a material world

By Therese Kehler · October 1, 2018

Kelly Drennan looked past the bright lights and the runways of Toronto Fashion Week and was troubled by what she found.

Thousands of chairs wrapped in decorative paper. Plastic water bottles. Hairspray. And under it all, the message that it was time to clear out last season’s clothing and make way for something new.

It was 2006 and Drennan, who spent years doing public relations for the fashion industry, had just given birth to…

Sep 10

Andrea Mandel-Campbell wants to kick the inferiority complex right out of Canadian business

By Therese Kehler · September 10, 2018

When Andrea Mandel-Campbell speaks to business leaders about thinking globally and challenging the corporate status quo, her message is authentic, down to the soles of her travelling shoes.

Her own willingness to take chances allowed Mandel-Campbell to realize her dream of working as a newspaper foreign correspondent. Her belief in seizing opportunity helped her transition from journalist to author to television anchor, then on to roles in government and corporate communications.

Earlier this year, she…

May 23

Flash of brilliance: Recycling turns old FR coveralls into even-better new ones

By Therese Kehler · May 23, 2018

For decades, protective clothing that is no longer wearable has been trucked to landfills where, for the most part, it remains for all eternity.

But thanks to a bit of out-of-the-box thinking and a whole lot of research and testing, a Vancouver company has developed a process to turn non-biodegradable aramid coveralls into new fabric. It’s not just a potential solution to the waste problem; the resulting fabric, a blend of recycled and virgin fibres, is…