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Apr 27

Emotion and teamwork lead to new steam/hot liquid safety standards

By Barb Wilkinson · April 27, 2018

Dave Fennell embarked on a decade-plus long journey to help protect workers from steam and hot fluid injuries after one of his employees, Ron, who sustained injuries in a steam-related accident, asked “why did this happen to me?”. “Ron did exactly what I said about wearing protective clothing.” But while changing a filter on a hot water system in 2005, the valve gave way, and Ron was sprayed with condensed steam. He was hospitalized…

Oct 26

Protective Clothing Systems for Safety Seminar 2017

By Ariana Salmon · October 26, 2017

7th Davey Textile Solutions Seminar, held on November 7th
This year’s seminar is jam-packed with information on the latest, greatest and What’s coming next in Protective Clothing systems for the Oil & Gas Industry, and beyond. Join us on November 7th to learn about new innovations for PPE in Heat and Flame protection, Thermal considerations for Cold Weather environments, as well as, updates on Standards, tips and information on keeping protective clothing clean and much…